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Regulations and Guidelines on All Your Devices

For nearly 20 years CRR has been bringing you the most-trusted and most widely used regulations and guidelines books for pharmaceutical, health care and  research professionals.  Now, we bring you the same dependable ecfr and e-guideline content with MyeRegs.com, a web app for e-versions of our popular CFR & ICH Guidelines books!  

Better than eCFR and the FDA website!  Why?  Because it is designed for use on ALL your devices with YOUR specific content.  And one-click access means you get your information FASTER. 

Verified Content You Can Rely On

Our ecfr and e-regulation guides are developed by our team of legal and pharmaceutical experts who have been consolidating and distributing regulatory information to tens of thousands of pharmaceutical and health care employees for over 25 years. We complete a multi-step, multi-source review of all new and amended documents to assure that we provide the most relevant and reliable content possible.  That means you can count on our content to be:

Even the Federal Government makes mistakes and posts outdated materials (and we’ve caught them!).  Let our qualified experts sort through all of the misinformation on the web and provide you with the right content.

Search Text, Take Notes, Save Time

Legal and scientific information can be dense and difficult to navigate.  So we’ve included automated tools to help you cut through the volume and get to the information you need. 

Highlight Text

Highlight text on all of your devices.  Just select the text, and click “highlight.”  Highlights will show on all of your devices.  

Take Notes

Add notes to your highlighted text.  As easy as selecting the text, clicking “annotate,” and typing your notes in the slide out window.  Notes will be accessible on all of your devices.

Virtual Stickies

Assign subject tags (stickies) to text throughout your documents.  Then, when you need to find information on a topic, just search for the subject tag and you’ll be provided links to all of the text marked with that tag. 


Part 50: Protection of Human Subjects

Selected Regulations and Guidance for Drug Studies

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