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Yes.  After you subscribe to a product, creating a link is a simple as clicking a link at the bottom of your screen (phone/tablet) or the address window of your browser (PC).

Home screen icons link directly to your content with one click. 

Yes, MyeRegs comes with an embedded annotations app that lets users highlight text, take notes on selected text snippets, or take general notes on a page.  Notes can be tagged and searched to help users find information quickly.  

Yes!  The app allows users to search in several ways, including a cross-document search, page-search, as well as an annotations search.

Yes, in addition to creating a link on your device's Home Page, you can access your e-Guide from the "Account/Subscriptions" Page our our website.

As of 12pm Eastern US Time, the regulations are updated as of the close of business on the previous workday.  That is, updates from a day's Congressional session will be incorporated into the app by noon of the next day.   

Yes, hardcopies of the content in MyeRegs can be purchased from our online hardcopy Bookstore.

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Part 50: Protection of Human Subjects

Selected Regulations and Guidance for Drug Studies

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